AGV/smart robots

Upload time:2021-10-20

AGV/smart robots


①Excellent temperature performance;

②Light weight, and high energy density;

③Long cycle life, and good consistency;

④Flexible combinations and configurations;

⑤High safety, full range of battery monitoring and protection design;

⑥Green and environmental, meet the environmental protection material requirements of RoHS and REACH;

⑦The battery meets safety requirements such as GB31241, UL1642, IEC62133, PSE, KC and UN38.3.

BMS custom service:

BMS is not only equipped for energy storage applications and AGV battery modules, but also provides products and services for customers who need them, and can provide battery pack-oriented R&D, design and manufacturing services according to customers' actual functional requirements.  



Widely used in fields of AGV, auto driving, smart robot (such as inspection robot, service robot, disinfecting robot, sweeper robot), and etc.

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