Technical Team


        The company's strong R & D team gathers talents from the industry, has more than decades of industry experience and rich theoretical and practical experience, has professional customized design ideas and product manufacturing capabilities, and masters the core technology of lithium battery chemical system design. Fully meet the customer's application needs of lithium-ion battery products. Obtained multiple invention patents at home and abroad, leading the development of the lithium battery industry in recent years.



 Technical Platform


 The company is committed to developing world-class lithium-ion battery products to provide customers with the best power solutions. The company introduces advanced materials at home and abroad, has advanced research and development laboratories, including a series of advanced laboratories for electrical performance, safety testing, reliability and so on. It is equipped with high-level research and development testing instruments and has professional battery product research and development testing capabilities.

 At present, the company has developed many superior performance lithium batteries with high safety, high rate, high energy density, long life and wide temperature. According to different customer needs and different product application scenarios, the BATTSYS R & D team will continue to design and develop to produce more outstanding lithium battery products.




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