Annual robotics event in Beijing closes

Upload time:2017-09-22
Annual robotics event in Beijing closes



The 2017 International Creatineer Competition ended in Beijing's high-tech Zhongguancun area on Sept 16 with 15 robotics projects of 546 entries winning different top awards.


Siasun Robot and Automation Co Ltd, a Chinese company, started the competition in 2015.


The event is supported by professional organizations in China and abroad, including Robotic Industries Association of the United States, China Robot Industry Alliance, Robot Technology Innovation and Industrialization Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as startup incubators, industrial parks, research institutes and investors.


This year's competition had projects related to artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, industrial robotics, internet of things and wearable devices.


Qu Daokui, CEO, Siasun, said at the closing ceremony that one of the event's goal was to "explore our creativity and imagination".





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