Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility




Commercial Morality      


Operate according to law, be honest and trustworthy, abide by laws & regulations and social morality, and abide by business ethics and industry rules.




Employee Care            


Occupation training such as SPC,MSA,DOE,TWI-JM etc.;


Establish occupational health and safety measures to ensure employee health and safety;


Set up labor union to protect the rights and interests of employees.




Conflict Minerals           


Not purchase and support conflict minerals, request all suppliers not to purchase conflict minerals;


Continuously participate in "conflict minerals" investigation ,work with customer & supplier to find sustainable solutions to deal with conflict minerals.




Environmental Protection 


Seriously maintain healthy environment, implement energy conservation & emission reduction and resource conservation during operation;


Improve resource comprehensive utilization efficiency, adhere to the goal of low input, low consumption, low emission and high efficiency.







Social responsibility is an important part of Battsys culture, whether business strategy or daily operation,


We take social and environmental factors into consideration, take the initiative to undertake and fulfill


 social responsibilities, and achieve the coordination of enterprises, society and environment.


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